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Double-sided stepladder NV 3121 (steps 80 mm, platform 350×250 mm)

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• Increased platform 260 × 350 mm
• Orientation of steps on both sides allows you to work without moving the ladder and thereby saving time
• Increased strength and reliability with a low weight of the product
• Easy to install and high level of comfort
• Racks and steps from extruded aluminum profiles of increased cross-section
• Steps distance is 80 mm with increased thickness
• Corrugated step surface for safe ascent and descent
• Strong fastening of the steps to the sidewalls with six rivets for higher structural stability
• Durable safety belts
• Support tips made of durable plastic for a stable position
• Compactness during storage and transportation
• Practicality and attention to every detail guarantee safe work at any height
• 3 years warranty

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