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Four-section aluminum multifunctional ladder transformer NV 1320

67.80113.93 / pcs.

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• Durability and reliability with a low weight of the product
• Steps with grooves for safe ascent and descent
• Racks and steps made of extruded aluminum profiles
• Racks with extra force in the most stressed areas for increased rigidity
• Multiple flaring at the connection of the steps with the struts provides high strength and durability
• Hinge locks are adjustable with one hand
• Reliable automatic fixation
• Wide cross-beams provide high stability when working in all positions
• Traverse shoes prevent slipping, they are securely fastened with rivets
• The maximum load in the position of the platform is 100 kg
• 1 year warranty


Number o steps:

4×2, 4×3, 4×4, 2×3+2×4, 2×4+2×5, 4×5