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Garden stepladder NV 3191, steps 80 mm

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• Designed for gardening and agricultural use
• Convenient and safe access to tree crowns
• Reinforced construction for professional and domestic use
• Easy to install and provides a high level of comfort
• Reinforced folding mechanism (steel reinforcement)
• Increased strength and reliability at a light weight
• Steps and racks from extruded aluminum profiles
• Wide steps 80 mm deep with increased thickness
• Corrugated step surface for safe ascent and descent
• Strong fastening of steps to the sidewalls (6 steel rivets)
• Support tips made of impact-resistant plastic
• Durable safety strap
• Aluminum folding support
• Practicality and attention to every detail guarantee safe work at any height
• 3 years warranty


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1×6, 1×7, 1×8, 1×10, 1×12, 1×14