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Multifunctional professional ladder-transformer, width 650 mm with platform NV 3335

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Working positions
• Extended ladder
• Stepladder
• L-shaped ladder
• Platform
• The ladder is intended for regular professional use. Optimal for construction, installation, repair and maintenance work at a height of up to 5.5 m.
• Extra wide 650mm width for added comfort during extended working hours.
• The section used for lifting in the “Platform” position is equipped with steps (80 mm). The convenience of a wide step in combination with the reliability of a rigid flared connection with the uprights.
• Equipped with a removable deck made of durable moisture-resistant film-faced plywood for the “Platform” position.
• The platform is easy to remove and install, provides safe and comfortable work for a long time.
• Self-locking hinge locks can be adjusted with one hand.
• Steps 28 × 28 mm with a pitch of 260 mm are firmly connected to the uprights with a 32-fold rolling connection. The surface of the steps is corrugated to eliminate slipping when climbing.
• The profile of the ladder posts is additionally reinforced in the most loaded places.
• Two rigid 1056 mm traverses provide a wide support area. The traverses are quickly removed and installed using special fasteners built into the profile to avoid loss.
• For reliable fastening of the traverse and protection of the staircase profile, surrounding surfaces and objects from damage, special plastic inserts are provided.
• Traverse shoes made of durable two-component plastic are securely fastened with rivets. The hard component provides a secure fit, while the soft component prevents the ladder from slipping.
• The use of the ladder in the “Platform” position is allowed only with the standard removable deck included in the delivery set.
• Practicality and attention to every detail guarantee safe work at any height
• 3 years warranty

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