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PVC Ceiling Profile

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The PVC Сeiling profile is designed for installing a stretch ceiling with a harpoon installation system in cases where there is no possibility of fastening to vertical surfaces.

The main advantage of a plastic baguette is its flexibility, lightness, and affordable cost. The ceiling molding has the advantage of being able to install a ceiling with a minimum height loss of 2 cm. The profile design allows you to file internal and external corners and is compatible with various types of structures. The fastening step is 10-15 cm, using self-tapping screws.

But it is worth considering that the base mounting surface should not be curved, otherwise it will affect the appearance of the installed stretch ceiling. In this case, you can use a wooden beam, plastic or aluminum profile to level the mounting surface.

The PVC Сeiling Profile will help you make a smooth and even ceiling surface with your own hands and implement any elegant design in your home.