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Aluminum cornices are functional products that are characterized by reliability, low price and are popular with many customers who choose them for their attractiveness and practicality. Many models are considered the best solution in rooms with low ceilings.

Advantages of our aluminum cornices

  • aluminum is moisture resistant, and also has anti-corrosive properties, so it can be used in different rooms;
  • the democratic price of aluminum cornice is also an important advantage;
  • the place for bandage;
  • special surface for fixing the nail;
  • wide track spacing allowing easy movement of curtains.

Tips for choosing aluminum cornices

Buying an aluminum cornice of any model, you should pay attention to important points even before buying.

  • Assess the size of the room. Massive structures will not be appropriate in small rooms with small windows.
  • Take into account the size of the window opening. For round windows are suitable flexible cornices, aluminum profiles of the appropriate shape, and attic windows should be decorated with two cornices: bottom and top.
  • Measure the distance from the window sill to the battery. If you do not take it into account when installing the cornice, the curtains will be unsightly crumpled in places of contact with the radiator.
  • If you need to visually make the room higher, choose a ceiling ledge.

Buy aluminum cornice rod from us. We have a favorable cost of aluminum cornice. Plus correctly perform calculations, which will ensure the manufacture of products in compliance with the requirements of the client.

We are a reliable manufacturer of aluminum cornice.