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Aluminium is a metal that allows you to create various profiles, is used in many areas of production. Company offers high-quality materials for a small price from the best aluminium profiles producer.

From us the cost of aluminium profiles is low, the strength index meets the necessary standards.


Our profiles have advantages:

  1. They are inexpensive.
  2. Do not rust.
  3. Do not deform.
  4. Serve for a long time.

Aluminium profiles for sale are used in:

  1. Construction.
  2. Furniture production.
  3. Mechanical engineering.
  4. Food and chemical industry.

What aluminium profiles do we offer?

Company offers high-quality profiles with a guarantee at the price of producer of aluminium profiles.

Advantages of working with us:

  1. Low prices.
  2. A large selection of components.
  3. Discounts for regular customers.
  4. – best aluminium profiles wholesaler.

Consider the most popular types:

  1. Separator profiles w-shaped. It’s used to connect large area ceilings, in multi-level stretch ceilings and in other non-standard design solutions.
  2. Wall profiles h-shaped. It’s used for standard stretch ceilings in one flat plane. This profile is fixed to the wall along the perimeter of the room, takes any shapes.
  3. Ceiling profile F-shaped. It’s attached to the ceiling. This profile is used when it’s impossible to fix the wall profile.
  4. Universal profiles. It’s used for attaching stretch ceilings to any vertical and horizontal planes. It has high resistance, so it’s possible to attach it to the wall or ceiling.
  5. Soaring profiles. Can be used with LED strip. Creates a «soaring»
  6. Contour profile. Our company has two types of profiles: for walls – Respect ST and for ceilings – Respect SU. It is installed around the perimeter of the room, used with an insert and LED strip.
  7. Aluminium gardina. Our own production! Best price and quality. The white profile is a ceiling curtain rail, combined with a bump stop and a harpoon fastener, the effect of a hidden cornice.
  8. For complex stretch ceilings. The principle is to use a combination of four types of exclusive aluminium profiles KP, PP, SP and NP. They will be discussed today. PP –level transition profile. Each type of profile has its own special function, and all four together they allow you to realize the most daring multi-level ideas. The profile of the step transition is used for harpoon mounting. Its design allows the ceiling to move smoothly and beautifully from one level to another, with a transition height of 75 mm.
  9. Our company has its own production of light lines, and we also offer Flexy, Alteza, Prozet light lines. The width of the light line is 2, 3, 5 cm. It is used not only around the perimeter, but also as a lamp. Can be used with both silicone and polycarbonate inserts. Allows to realise the most creative solutions.
  10. We can also provide the opportunity to supply EuroKRAAB and EuroSlott products.

Buy profiles in Moseta

Wholesale aluminium profiles can be purchased ion the Go to the electronic catalogue, select the desired option. Buy aluminium profiles from the manufacturer, these are currently in growing demand. We offer a large range of models.