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Supplier of componentsfor modern stretch ceilings

More than ten years of experience in the supply
of components worldwide.

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Our Products

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We offer our customers professional and advanced types of stretch ceilings at competitive prices. Thanks to innovative technologies, materials and a trained team, we provide services quickly and efficiently.

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Delivery and payment of accessories for stretch...

Delivery of accessories for stretch ceilings in the EU countries is carried out by transport companies...
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Dear partners! Let all your dreams come true....

Dear partners! Cooperation with you is the most important area of our work. Thanks to the joint efforts,...
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Trends in the design of stretch ceilings 2020

Stretch ceilings appeared as much as 50 years ago. And they are no hurry to leave the interiors. On the...
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Installing a light line on the ceiling is a...

LED technology has changed the world and design of stretch ceilings. A new era of lighting design has...
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Soaring stretch ceiling is the trend of 2019

Do you still install ordinary ceilings? Then we’ll go to you! Soaring stretch ceiling is the trend of...
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Special spatula for stretch ceilings

Spatula for stretch ceilings. Installing a stretch ceiling is not easy, and conventional tools will not...
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