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With unique properties, PVC is made from raw materials that contain chlorine and ethylene. As a result of the chemical reaction, chlorinated polyvinyl chloride is obtained, from which plastic profiles are made. Company Moseta.eu sells PVC profiles for many years, has established itself in the market as a reliable partner.

What is PVC profiles

The use of PVC profiles is very widespread when creating interiors in residential and office premises. PVC profiles for sale from the Moseta are durable products that are inexpensive.

Advantages of PVC profiles

The main property of PVC is its rigidity. It is characterized by high strength and rigidity, while maintaining sufficient flexibility. Due to these properties, PVC is a reliable material for creating structures and products that require rigidity and resistance to loads. Resistance to various chemicals and UV rays.


  1. Easy handling and installation.
  2. High strength.
  3. Does not react to the effects of alkali and acid.
  4. No corrosion.
  5. Does not ignite.
  6. Does not contain toxins.
  7. The cost of PVC profile is low.
  8. There are no deformations from temperature and humidity changes.

What PVC profiles are offered

PVC profile from producer can be bought on moseta.eu. Most popular types:

  • PVC Wall profiles. Plastic panels are a universal material for finishing walls, ceilings and slopes in rooms. For high—quality installation, additional accessories are needed – galtels, corners and a profile for PVC panels. This is a whole set of components that serve to fix and enhance the aesthetic component of the decorative coating, made of the same material as the main elements — polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Characteristics and classification of accessories. Before installing the panels, you should decide on the format and number of additional accessories.
  • PVC Ceiling profiles. To date, panels and a film made of polyvinyl chloride are the leaders among the materials for finishing ceilings. The surface, which does not crack, has excellent aesthetic qualities and is easy to maintain, is very popular with both apartment owners and managers of various public and private institutions. In one apartment there is always a room for a suspended plastic surface. PVC profile for stretch ceilings is a high-quality and reliable fastening for the film.
  • PVC profiles for textile. Textile fabric tension profiles are a practical and convenient system of aluminum profiles for tension in the frame of a poster printed on textiles. Despite the very simple way of fixing the textile fabric, the design of the profile makes it easy and smooth to stretch the fabric. Profiles for fabric cloths for stretch ceilings are inexpensive. According to the material, tension structures are divided into film and fabric. The second option has earned the trust of consumers with its durability, durability, environmental friendliness and compliance with quality standards. Textile cloths are simply installed.

Buy PVC profiles

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