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PVC ceiling profiles producer Moseta creates high-quality plastic that has original properties. The company has been selling high – quality PVC profiles for many years, has established itself in the market as a reliable partner.

What are PVC ceiling profiles and what are they for?

Company Moseta.eu produces PVC ceiling profiles for sale at the level of the best world standards, the best materials and equipment are used. Prices are in the middle segment.

Advantages of PVC ceiling profiles

PVC profiles have a sufficiently high strength and flexibility at the same time. They do not deform from the temperature difference. The service life of such profiles is many years, the material is resistant to aggressive alkalis and acids, does not disintegrate when exposed to the sun’s rays (ultra violet).

Let’s list the basic advantages:

  1. Easy installation.
  2. The strength level is high.
  3. No rust, no rot.
  4. The material does not contain poisons.
  5. Low cost of PVC ceiling profiles.
  6. There are no deformations, temperature and humidity fluctuations.

What PVC profiles do we offer?

Moseta.eu offers wholesale PVC ceiling profiles. These designs are of universal importance and are suitable for finishing any premises.

  • PVC Wall profiles. Guiding wall structures for creation are in great demand. Additionally, components are purchased: corners and a profile for PVC panels.
  • PVC Ceiling profiles. Profiles for ceilings are a whole set of different components that serve for better fixation and decoration. Before starting work, working drawings are drawn up; the amount of material is calculated. It is required to make a budget for all works. To do this, go to the electronic catalogue and study the price of PVC ceiling profiles.
  • PVC profiles for textile. Profiles for stretch ceilings are popular. Stretch ceilings look aesthetically attractive, they need minimal maintenance. Despite the airiness of the design, the fabric is very durable. The most important thing is that the tension of the material is uniform. This is provided by PVC ceiling profiles.

Advantages of cooperation

Go to the company’s electronic catalogue and buy wholesale PVC ceiling profiles. Check the prices of the PVC profile; compare them with other offers in similar companies.


  1. There are always the most popular models in stock.
  2. The prices are low.
  3. Guarantees are provided.
  4. Wholesaler provides discounts.
  5. Consulting support is provided free of charge/