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PVC profiles for textile form reliable fasteners that have original technical characteristics. PVC is made from substances that contain chlorine and ethylene. As a result of several reactions, polyvinyl chloride is obtained,

Company Moseta.eu It has been selling PVC profiles for many years; it is one of the best on the market: the quality of products meets the best international standards.

What are PVC profiles for textile, what are they for?

The products are widely used in the creation of interiors. PVC fabric (polyvinyl chloride fabric) is a dense to the touch technical fabric made from chemical raw materials, having a plain smooth-colored pattern, two–face side. It is a canvas made of polymer synthetic threads with a special coating. This rigid fabric usually consists of a substrate woven from polyester fibers with a surface coating of shiny plastic containing 100% PVC.

Advantages of PVC profiles for textile

The main property of PVC profiles is durability and low price. The fixation is rigid, while the design has a certain indicator of flexibility.


  1. Simplicity of design.
  2. The strength index is above average.
  3. Does not interact with chemical compounds.
  4. Does not rust and does not deform from moisture and temperature changes.
  5. Not lit.
  6. There are no toxic substances.
  7. The cost of PVC profiles for textile is small.

What PVC profiles do we offer?

Moseta.eu it offers the most diverse range of profiles, the most in demand are:

  • PVC Wall profiles. Plastic panels are very popular in the design of office and residential premises. They have a number of important advantages. Walls and ceilings are sheathed with this material. Sets of components are offered by the company Moseta.eu. Before you start working, you need to determine the exact size.
  • PVC Ceiling profiles. We offer a variety of sizes. Polyvinyl chloride fixators are inexpensive and are reliable devices. PVC profile for stretch ceilings is a high-quality and reliable fastening for the film.
  • PVC profiles for textile. Profiles for stretching textile fabric are very convenient. The most important thing is that the fabric experiences the same tension at any point. Fabric ceilings are inexpensive, they last a long time and do not deform even under mechanical stress. Another important quality that needs to be taken into account: it is simple and inexpensive to install such ceilings.

Buy PVC profiles for textile

The price of PVC profiles for textile is cheaper to purchase from the manufacturer. Advantages of working with Moseta a lot:

  1. A large selection of products.
  2. Discounts for regular customers.
  3. Long warranty periods.
  4. Low prices.
  5. We are producer of PVC profiles for textile.

Looking for PVC profiles for textile for sale? Go to the electronic catalog, select the desired products; Call the “Support Service”, order the product, write an application and send it by mail. Ask the specialist questions about the order.