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Attached aluminum ladder VIRA 4210

33.4470.13 / pcs.

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VIRA 4210 (1 section, width 0,34 m)
– High strength and security with low weight of the product
– Racks and steps from extruded aluminum profiles
– Corrugated step surface for safe ascent and descent
– Distance between steps 260 mm
– Multiple flaring at the connection of the steps with the posts ensures high strength and durability
– Support tips made of durable plastic for a stable position
– Supplied in shrink-wrap to prevent damage
– Practicality and attention to every detail guarantee safe work at any height
– Complies with EN 131
– Carrying capacity up to 150 kg
– 4 years warranty


Number of steps:

7 steps, 8 steps, 9 steps, 10 steps, 11 steps, 12 steps, 13 steps