LED technology has changed the world and design of stretch ceilings. A new era of lighting design has come. Lighting has become an important step in the design of the most modern interior.

The favorite method of interior designers for decorating ceilings in residential and public buildings is light lines.

The advantages of light lines:

Stylish element of the interior;
Can act as the main lighting even in rooms with complex geometry;
Makes it possible to zoning and decorating the space of studio apartments, spacious walk-through
Zones of private houses without soldering canvases and forming seams on them;
Combined with other types of lighting;
Canvases of different textures and colors can be used;
The possibility of combining with other types of ceiling structures.

Installing a light line on the ceiling is a great opportunity to show imagination and create an ultramodern original design that will carry not only a functional load, lighting the room, but also perform decorative purpose.

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