Stretch ceilings appeared as much as 50 years ago. And they are no hurry to leave the interiors. On the contrary, every year designers offer new options and techniques that instantly turn into the category of fashion trends. And companies that specialize in the installation of stretch linens are forced to quickly master them, so as not to lose customers.

Fashion Trends 2020

Like previous years, the 2020th will bring with it innovations and models of ceilings already familiar to many. Among the most fashionable trends will be:
1. Perforated ceilings, which are created from two canvases of different colors and textures. But, unlike 2018-2019, the trend will not be chaotic slots, but rather specific patterns created from numerous circles – birds, flowers, geometric shapes;

2. Mirror ceilings – a bold innovation that requires careful selection of fixtures and the competent calculation of light coefficients;

3. Creative 3D lighting, creates a three-dimensional light picture on the ceiling or wall;

4. Multi-colored lighting that is created under the surface of the canvas and futuristically illuminates it;

5. Soaring stripes and circles – a trend that began in 2019 and is rapidly gaining popularity.

The last three solutions are based on the use of a special type of stretch fabric – thin and durable translucent films. They allow you to create an unusual effect of lightness and soft scattering of rays.
Soaring stripes: trend number 1 in 2020
Already now, designers say that very soon at the peak of interior fashion will be precisely light stripes. After all, there are a number of very objective reasons for this:
The rapid growth of their popularity. Having barely appeared at the beginning of 2019, they became the subject of close attention of designers throughout Europe and Russia;
Functionality is an integral feature of modern styles. Soaring strips are easily distributed according to the layout of the room – this significantly reduces the time for developing a lighting project. Designers cannot but like it;
Easy to install. A large selection of profiles allows you to create any geometric shapes, without wasting effort on the perforation of the canvas and the precise installation of fixtures. Construction crews cope with the task faster;
Profitability. LED lighting in maintenance is much cheaper.
It is worth taking into account the trends in interior styles, which are now at the peak of popularity – Scandinavian, oriental minimalism, loft. All of them are demanding on the functionality of lighting, and the main principle is conciseness and simplicity of forms. Soaring light lines best reflect their concept.
There is another important feature. Hidden behind a translucent canvas, stripes and geometric shapes visually raise the ceiling, fill the space with lightness and airiness. Thanks to this property, soaring lines successfully merge into the interiors in the spirit of boho, art nouveau and modern.
Soaring lines in the interior: looking for sources of inspiration
Light stripes are concise and spectacular. And if you want your business to install stretch ceilings to flourish in 2020, be sure to check out the technology for creating soaring lines.
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