Do you still install ordinary ceilings? Then we’ll go to you!
Soaring stretch ceiling is the trend of 2019 among interior designers. The backlight can be located along one of the walls, around the perimeter of the room or frame individual tiers and ceiling elements.

Due to the soft diffused light, a feeling is created that the ceiling does not lie on the walls, but floats in the air.

The benefits of a soaring ceiling:

Visually expands and raises the space, creates the effect of “lightness” of the ceiling structure;
Perimeter lighting visually softens the geometry of the room;
Functionality and reliability of the design;
Effectively emphasizes the beauty of wall decoration;
Soft comfortable lighting of the room, the ability to control the intensity of the backlight;
Operational safety and energy efficiency;
The ability to install both around the perimeter of the room and the illumination of individual walls;
The possibility of combining with other types of lighting.