When a new product appears on the market – the buyer is interested in what is the difference between it and other manufactured products, what is the difference?

The Evolution MSD film lineup hit the market in 2017, and everyone seemed to understand its benefits. But, since the questions about the difference have not diminished – let’s look at and compare two lines: Premium and Evolution MSD. We remind you that the Evolution line was created based on the Premium line. To create Evolution, some Premium features have been improved.
Below we have a comparative table of Premium and Evolution MSD.

So, we have two products: one is of a very high quality, the second is very high quality and improved. The cost of each product is composed primarily of the cost of its creation. The cost of creating Evolution greatly exceeds the cost of creating Premium. Therefore, if you are offered Evolution at the same price as Premium, you should think about the authenticity of the products.

Peculiarities of treadmill Evolution mat, its aesthetic beauty has been noted by many installers. Despite the fact that the cadar gives shagreen image one for each size of shagreen, the application on different MSD lines is different. This is due to the characteristics of the production of different products, the thickness of the canvas and the raw material component.

Evolution lacquer fabrics are identical in Premium quality, but the whiter shade of the film gives the gloss a special charm.
Satin Evolution, as well as varnish looks more advantageous due to the colder white shade of 303 colors.
Recall that Evolution today has no analogues. This is a unique product of the new generation.