The next product presented at mosbuild 2019 was the film Cold Stretch MSD. This is an old factory product, which did not go on sale for a long time due to the lack of demand.

The second wave of web production was caused by market demand and the appeal of the manufacturers of stretch ceilings to the plant, with the question of starting the production of Cold Stretch.

Last year, the factory brought the cloth Luxe B1.
At the request of the “MSD Club” consisting of key MSD suppliers, this canvas was finalized. And this year the plant presented the new product Luxe Gost. Launching is planned for October 2019.

A comparison was made of samples of all three canvases.
Cold stretch fabric Cold Stretch MSD softer than regular mat. Installation technology without the use of gas equipment requires a softer and easily stretchable fabric. The thickness of the Cold Stretch MSD Mat was 0.22 mm.
The thickness of the Cold Stretch MSD Mat was 0.22 mm.
Luxe B1 was represented by samples of mat and gloss.
The thickness of the gloss B1 was 0.18 mm, the mat B1 – 0.22 mm.

Luxe Gost is presented only in a matte version and has a thickness of 0.22 mm.